ASX Announcements


04/10/2018 Initial Director's Interest Notice x 2 575.8KB
04/10/2018 Final Director's Interest Notice x 2 429.1KB
03/10/2018 Board Restructure 301.8KB
03/10/2018 Trading Halt 261.9KB
27/09/2018 Appendix 4G and 2018 Corporate Governance Statement 829.9KB
27/09/2018 Annual Report to shareholders 2.7MB
25/09/2018 General Meeting 120.0KB
24/09/2018 Penny's Find Assets Revert to ERL in Settlement of JV Debt 606.4KB
14/09/2018 Change in substantial holding 134.6KB
05/09/2018 Receipt of Notice Pursuant to section 249D 112.1KB
04/09/2018 Receipt of Notice Pursuant to Section 203D of the Corps Act 122.2KB
21/08/2018 Change in substantial holding (151.4KB)
3/08/2018 Addendum to Appendix 5B (Quarterly Cashflow Report) (135.4KB)
2/08/2018 Final Director's Interest Notice x 1 (227.4KB)
2/08/2018 Mining Lease Granted - Yuinmery Project (924.2KB)
31/07/2018 Quarterly Activities Report (1.4MB)
31/07/2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report (263.5KB)
25/07/2018 Financial Results from Penny's Find Open-Pit Operations (839.3KB)
25/07/2018 Change in substantial holding (135.0KB)
18/07/2018 Final Director's Interest Notice x 1 (307.5KB)
18/07/2018 Initial Director's Interest Notice x 2 (566.7KB)
18/07/2018 Change of Directors (307.2KB)
12/07/2018 Termination of Joint Venture Agreement (126.2KB)
12/07/2018 Initial Director's Interest Notice X 1 (290.3KB)
12/07/2018 Appointment of Alternate Director (123.2KB)
9/07/2018 Change in substantial holding (121.1KB)
29/06/2018 Shareholder Letter - Reject Proposal to Replace Board (926.7KB)
29/06/2018 Becoming a substantial holder (135.4KB)
27/06/2018 Positive Supreme Court Ruling - ERL to move on $1m Recovery (132.6KB)
22/06/2018 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (773.0KB
19/06/2018 Supreme Court Injunction Update (125.1KB)
18/06/2018 Supreme Court Injunction Outcome (124.2KB)
15/06/2018 General Meeting (120.0KB)
14/06/2018 Supreme Court Injunction Update (124.4KB)
8/06/2018 Further High Grade Copper Intersected at A Zone Prospect (1.1MB)
7/06/2018 Injunction Sought in Supreme Court (91.5KB)
1/06/2018 Pennys Find Gold Mine - Lakewood Milling Results to Date (704.5KB)
31/05/2018 Dissident shareholders requisition to replace ERL Board (669.9KB)
29/05/2018 Receipt of Notice Pursuant to section 249D (221.4KB)
28/05/2018 Option Agreement over FYI Resources Ltd Shares (124.2KB)
16/05/2018 Full Repayment of Blue Cap Mining Advance (193.4KB)
1/05/2018 Penny's Find Gold Mine Amendment to Financing Arrangements (48.9KB)
1/05/2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report (264.2KB)
24/04/2018 Pennys Find Gold Mine -High Gold Grades in Fourth Campaign (227.1KB)
24/04/2018 Initial Director's Interest Notice (288.7KB)
24/04/2018 Director Appointment (259.1KB)
24/04/2018 Final Director's Interest Notice (314.9KB)
23/04/2018 Quarterly Activities Report (1.1MB)
23/04/2018 Director Resignation (260.7KB)
19/04/2018 Pennys Find Gold Mine -4th Campaign Commences at Lakewood (204.2KB)
03/04/2018 MXR: Dispute with Empire Resources Limited (240.8KB)
29/03/2018 Dispute with Eastern Goldfields Milling Services Pty Ltd (197.3KB)
26/03/2018 Pennys Find Mining JV Update- Third toll treatment campaign (81.3KB)
15/03/2018 Half-Year Accounts (570.0KB)
28/02/2018 Higher Gold Grade and High Gravity Recovery -3rd Campaign (213.8KB)
15/02/2018 Change in substantial holding for FYI (711.9KB)
15/02/2018 Pennys Find - Third Treatment Campaign at Lakewood Mill (282.5KB)
31/01/2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report (265.5kb)
31/01/2018 Quarterly Activities Report (925.4kb)
30/01/2018 Reinstatement to Official Quotation (296.3kb)
30/01/2018 Amendments to Financing Arrangements Penny's Find Mine (156.9kb)
25/01/2018 Suspension from Official Quotation (223.8kb)
23/01/2018 Trading Halt (123.8kb)


21/12/2017 Summary of Recent Lakewood Processing - Pennys Find (363.1kb)
19/12/2017 Change in substantial holding for FYI (566.6kb)
28/11/2017 Second Treatment Campaign Commenced at Lakewood Mill (138.2kb)
14/11/2017 Project Manager Appointed to Drive U/G Mine Development (369.0kb)
31/10/2017 Quarterly Cashflow Report (267.3kb)
26/10/2017 Quarterly Activities Report (808.1kb)
13/10/2017 Results of Meeting (231.8kb)
12/10/2017 Penny's Find - Completion of the First Processing Campaign (571.1kb)
04/10/2017 Milestone First Gold Pour - Penny's Find (1.4mb)
15/09/2017 Appendix 4G and 2017 Corporate Governance Statement (774.0kb)
13/09/2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (994.5kb)
12/09/2017 Annual Report to shareholders (2.3mb)
11/09/2017 Further High Grade Gold Confirmed at Penny's Find Gold Mine (597.9kb)
07/09/2017 Empire and Poseidon Sign MOU on Gold Processing (493.6kb)
07/09/2017 POS: Poseidon and Empire enter into an MOU (37.1kb)
07/09/2017 Funding and Services Agreements for Penny’s (305.9kb)
06/09/2017 Article - Miner explores underground as production nears (282.2kb)
06/09/2017 Underground Resource and Geotechnical Drilling at Penny’s (682.9kb)
05/09/2017 Gold Ore Trucked to Second WA Mill (294.6kb)
23/08/2017 Grade Control Drilling Underway at Pennys Find Gold Mine (1.0mb)
22/08/2017 Article - ERL Just Days Away From Processing its Gold Ore (284.0kb)
02/08/2017 Kalgoorlie - Emerging Gold Producer - Pennys Find Mine (6.6mb)
31/07/2017 Quarterly Cashflow Report (265.0kb)
27/07/2017 Quarterly Activities Report (1.8mb)
05/07/2017 Second Agreement Signed for Processing of Penny's Find Ore (138.0kb)
28/06/2017 Mine Manager Appointment (315.1kb)
08/06/2017 Update Penny's Find Gold Mine (807.6kb)
22/05/2017 Update - New WA Gold Mine (1mb)
03/05/2017 Key pre-mining work completed at Pennys Find (873kb)
28/04/2017 Quarterly Cashflow Report (288kb)
28/04/2017 Quarterly Activities Report (2.1mb)
21/04/2017 Article on Penny's Find Gold Project (281kb)
19/04/2017 Section 708 Notice (133kb)
19/04/2017 Appendix 3B and LR 3.10.5A Notice (833kb)
13/04/2017 Update Penny's Find Gold Mine (1.4mb)
12/04/2017 Placement closes fully subscribed (567kb)
10/04/2017 Trading Halt (124kb)
30/03/2017 Presentation - Kalgoorlie Emerging Gold Producer (5.8mb)
28/03/2017 Response to ASX Aware Letter (687kb)
21/03/2017 Penny's JV Secures $7.5m to Fund Mining to Gold Production (762kb)
14/03/2017 Half Year Accounts (408kb)
09/03/2017 Gold Ore Haulage Contract Awarded to Hampton Transport (317kb)
31/01/2017 Quarterly Cashflow Report (270kb)
16/01/2017 Option to Acquire Evolution Mining Interest in Cu-Au Project (646.9kb)
11/01/2017 Quarterly Activities Report (1.5mb)


28/12/2016 Empire Signs Agreement for Processing Penny's Find Ore (513.8kb)
23/12/2016 Penny's Find Gold Project Road Diversion Completed (1.2mb)
05/12/2016 ERL - Legal Proceedings (198.9kb)
29/11/2016 Article on Penny's Find Gold Project (216kb)
31/10/2016 Quarterly Cashflow Report (263.7kb)
25/10/2016 Article on Penny's Find Gold Project (216.8kb)
24/10/2016 Mine Development Update - Penny's Find Gold Mine (2.0mb)
19/10/2016 Quarterly Activities Report (2.5mb)
18/10/2016 Results of Meeting (201.0kb)
13/10/2016 Development Boost for Penny's - Mining Contractor Appointed (1.2mb)
23/09/2016 Appendix 4G and 2016 Corporate Governance Statement (639.0kb)
12/09/2016 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (963.0kb)
12/09/2016 Annual Report to shareholders (2.5mb)
01/09/2016 Project Manager Appointed as new WA Gold Mine Work Underway (462.6kb)
31/08/2016 Options Expiry (265.6kb)
12/08/2016 Response to ASX Price and Volume Query (288.4kb)
12/08/2016 Media Report (140.0kb)
12/08/2016 Trading Halt Request (44.9kb)
12/08/2016 Trading Halt (86.1kb)
28/07/2016 Quarterly Cashflow Report (260kb)
27/07/2016 Grade Control Drilling Confirms Shallow High Grade Gold (1.2mb)
26/07/2016 Road Re-Alignment Commences for New Penny's FInd Gold Mine (451kb)
21/07/2016 Quarterly Activities Report (1.4mb)
18/07/2016 Section 708 Notice (129.7kb)
18/07/2016 Appendix 3B and LR 3.10.5A Notice (129.7kb)
11/07/2016 Reinstatement to Official Quotation (822.0kb)
11/07/2016 Placement Raises $1.26 Million (213.6kb)
08/07/2016 Suspension (234.5kb)
06/07/2016 Trading Halt (301.3kb)
22/06/2016 Presentation - Moving From Explorer to Producer (3.2mb)
22/06/2016 Section 708 Notice (129.8kb)
22/06/2016 Appendix 3B (694.9kb)
21/06/2016 Penny's Find Gold Mine Bankable Feasibility Study Completed (633.3kb)
20/06/2016 Grade Control Drilling to Commence at Penny's Find Project (228.9kb)
07/06/2016 Empire Signs MoU for Treatment of Penny's Find Ore (281.2kb)
19/05/2016 Penny's Find - Mining & Processing Contract Update (581.1kb)
17/05/2016 Updated Copper Gold Resource - Yuinmery Project (1mb)
9/05/2016 Change in substantial holding (372kb)
5/05/2016 Section 708 Notice (129kb)
5/05/2016 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3 (923kb)
5/05/2016 Appendix 3B (694kb)
5/05/2016 Approval to Commence Mining operations (373kb)
4/05/2016 Kalgoorlie City Backs Road Diversion Around Proposed Mine (368kb)
3/05/2016 Results of Meeting (157kb)
29/04/2016 Quarterly Cashflow Report (261kb)
29/04/2016 Quarterly Activities Report (681kb)
1/04/2016 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (732kb)
1/04/2016 Section 708 Notice (129kb)
1/04/2016 Appendix 3B (692kb)
16/03/2016 Half Year Accounts (385kb)
29/02/2016 Section 708 Notice (131kb)
29/02/2016 Appendix 3B (692kb)
15/02/2016 High Grade Reserve Announced for Pending New WA Gold Mine (1.2mb)
28/01/2016 Quarterly Cashflow Report (260kb)
28/01/2016 Quarterly Activities Report (971kb)



27/11/2015 Results of Meeting (170kb)
27/11/2015 Penny's Find Project (2.7mb)
23/11/2015 Empire Raises $400,000 in Sale of Non-Core Shares (218kb)
19/11/2015 Section 708 Notice (131kb)
19/11/2015 Appendix 3B (692kb)
28/10/2015 Quarterly Activities Report (817kb)
22/10/2015 Quarterly Cashflow Report (244kb)
12/10/2015 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (889kb)
30/09/2015 Sale of interest in Barola to advance Pennys Find Project (289.7kb)
29/09/2015 Corporate Governance Statement & Appendix 4G (667.7kb
29/09/2015 Annual Report to shareholders (1.4mb)
31/07/2015 Quarterly Cashflow Report (78.1kb)
31/07/2015 Quarterly Activities Report (1.2kb)
15/07/2015 Empire Appoints Mine Developer for Penny’s Find (324kb)
13/07/2015 Empire Commences Drilling at Penny’s Find Gold Project, WA. (302kb)
26/06/2015 Section 708 Notice (90kb)
26/06/2015 Appendix 3B (620kb)
9/06/2015 Penny’s Au Deposit - P’ship Change Unlocks Potential (amend) (1.3mb)
5/06/2015 Penny’s Gold Deposit - Partnership Change Unlocks Potential (965kb)
30/04/2015 Quarterly Activities Report (757kb)
30/04/2015 Quarterly Cashflow Report (204kb)
10/03/2015 Half Year Accounts (250kb)
29/01/2015 Quarterly Cashflow Report (199kb)
29/01/2015 Quarterly Activities Report (270kb)
7/01/2015 Section 708 Notice (90kb)
7/01/2015 Appendix 3B (620kb)


15/12/2014 Becoming a substantial holder (412kb)
9/12/2014 Section 708 Notice (90kb)
9/12/2014 Appendix 3B (620kb)
9/12/2014 Information required under ASX Listing Rule 3.10.5A (134kb)
2/12/2014 Change of Director’s Interest Notice x 3 (255kb)
2/12/2014 Unlisted Option Expiry (35kb)
26/11/2014 Results of Meeting (127kb)
21/11/2014 Section 708 Notice (90kb)
21/11/2014 Appendix 3B (127kb)
3/11/2014 Section 708 Notice (90kb)
3/11/2014 Appendix 3B (619b)
30/10/2014 Quarterly Cashflow Report (302kb)
30/10/2014 Quarterly Activities Report (312kb)
27/10/2014 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (610kb)
23/10/2014 Section 708 Notice (90kb)
23/10/2014 Appendix 3B (620kb)
22/10/2014 Barite Mining Opportunity and Share Placement (49kb)
20/10/2014 Trading Halt (61kb)
29/09/2014 Annual Report to shareholders (2mb)
26/08/2014 Extension of Option Agreement to Acquire Copper-Gold Acreage (93kb)
13/08/2014 Unlisted Option Expiry (35kb)
31/07/2014 Quarterly Cashflow Report (201kb)
31/07/2014 Quarterly Activities Report (283kb)
04/07/2014 Change in substantial holding for FYI (181kb)
30/04/2014 Quarterly Cashflow Report (200kb)
30/04/2014 Quarterly Activities Report (1.6mb)
11/03/2014 Half Year Accounts (386kb)
31/01/2014 Quarterly Cashflow Report (202kb)
31/01/2014 Quarterly Activities Report (1.3mb)


17/12/2013 Section 708 Notice (70kb)
17/12/2013 Appendix 3B (575kb)
29/11/2013 Results of Meeting (126kb)
31/10/2013 Quarterly Cashflow Report (196kb)
31/10/2013 Quarterly Activities Report (1.4mb)
23/10/2013 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (595kb)
23/10/2013 Annual Report to shareholders (4.3mb)
26/09/2013 Full Year Statutory Accounts (382kb)
20/09/2013 Section 708 Notice (35kb)
20/09/2013 Appendix 3B (616kb)
31/07/2013 Quarterly Cashflow Report (113kb)
31/07/2013 Quarterly Activities Report (1.45mb)
16/07/2013 Discovery Success Wins Extension on Option (114kb)
03/07/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 1 (166kb)
03/07/2013 Change of Director's Interest Notice x 2 (187kb)
27/06/2013 Appendix 3B (525kb)
27/06/2013 Results of Meeting (133kb)
07/06/2013 Appendix 3B - Options Expiry (6155kb)
28/05/2013 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (307kb)
27/05/2013 Empire Appoints Corporate Advisory Firm (183kb)
30/04/2013 Quarterly Cashflow Report (107kb)
30/04/2013 Quarterly Activities Report (2mb)
22/04/2013 Receipt of $498k Funding Boost (277kb)
13/03/2013 Half Year Accounts (586kb)
30/01/2013 Quarterly Cashflow Report (32kb)
30/01/2013 Quarterly Activities Report (4mb)


28/11/2012 Webcast - ERL Doubles Land Holding (88kb)
27/11/2012 Results of Meeting (48kb)
26/11/2012 ERL Doubles Land Holding in WA Gold Province (1.9mb)
09/11/2012 Becoming a substantial holder (131kb)
08/11/2012 Webcast - Capital raising to accelerate Yuinmery Project (27kb)
08/11/2012 Section 708 Notice (28kb)
08/11/2012 Appendix 3B (136kb)
02/11/2012 Section 708 Notice (28kb)

02/11/2012 Appendix 3B (136kb)
02/11/2012 Reinstatement to Official Quotation (78kb)
02/11/2012 Capital Raising to Accelerate Flagship Copper Gold Projects (33kb)
31/10/2012 Suspension from Official Quotation (68kb)
29/10/2012 Trading Halt (73kb)

29/10/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report (58kb)
29/10/2012 Quarterly Activities Report (2mb)
23/10/2012 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (592kb)
23/10/2012 Annual Report to shareholders (5.3mb)
14/09/2012 Full Year Statutory Accounts (633kb)
05/09/2012 New High Grade Gold as Kalgoorlie Project Advances (1.6mb)
26/07/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report (61kb)
26/07/2012 Quarterly Activities Report (1.7mb)

23/05/2012 Empire Strikes Copper itn Virgin WA Province - Press Release (156kb)
23/05/2012 New Copper Discovery at the Wynne Project (631kb)
16/05/2012 Drilling Commences on New Copper Project - Gascoyne WA (312kb)
30/04/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report (63kb)
24/04/2012 Quarterly Activities Report (5mb)
20/04/2012 Boardroom Radio Webcast - High Grade Results at Pennys Find (27kb)
Pennys Find Project - High Grade Gold Intersections (798kb)
08/03/2012 Half Year Accounts (387kb)
20/02/2012 Appendix 3B (119kb)
14/02/2012 Section 708 Notice 1 (46kb)
14/02/2012 Change of Director`s Interest Notice x 2 (31kb)
14/02/2012 Appendix 3B
07/02/2012 Empire hits good gold with the copper at Yuinmery (138kb)
07/02/2012 Kalgoorlie Gold Project Revised Sale Terms (75kb)
06/02/2012 Deeper better grades at A Zone (1.2mb)
31/01/2012 Quarterly Activities Report (3.4mb)

27/01/2012 Quarterly Cashflow Report (66kb)
17/01/2012 Share Purchase Plan (109.kb)


22/12/2011 A Zone Copper-Gold Prospect - Mineralisation continues (927kb)
09/12/2011 Investor Update - December 2011 (4.6mb)
05/12/2011 Clarification of Investor Update - November 2011 (27kb)
30/12/2011 Change of Director`s Interest Notice X 3 (45kb)
30/12/2011 Appendix 3B (56kb)
28/12/2011 Results of Meeting (53kb)

28/12/2011 AGM Presentation (4mb)
26/10/2011 Annual Report to shareholders (4.2mb)
26/10/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report (856kb)
26/10/2011 Quarterly Activities Report (70kb)
24/10/2011 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (123kb)
29/09/2011 Clarification of Investor Update - September 2011 (33kb)
23/09/2011 Section 708 Notice (33kb)
23/09/2011 Appendix 3B (57kb)
19/09/2011 Reinstatement to Official Quotation (33kb)
19/09/2011 Completion of Placement (33kb)
19/09/2011 Voluntary Trading Suspension Request (16kb)
12/09/2011 High Grade Copper Intersected at A Zone Prospect - Yuinmery (553kb)
08/09/2011 Full Year Statutory Accounts (446kb)
23/08/2011 Media Release (33kb)
19/08/2011 Daily Resources Bulletin and Resource Stock Articles (29kb)
16/08/2011 High Grade Copper Intersected at A Zone Prospect - Yuinmery (552kb)
10/08/2011 Appendix 5B (64kb)
28/07/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report (56kb)
27/07/2011 Boardroom Broadcast - Investor Series Presentation (28kb)
27/07/2011 Quarterly Activities Report (1.1mb)
14/07/2011 High Grade Zinc Mineralization (480kb)
14/06/2011 Empire Awarded Two Government Co-Funded Exploration Drilling Grants (152kb)
23/05/2011 High Grade Copper Mineralisation confirmed at Yuinmery (292kb)
20/05/2011 Appendix 3B (56kb)
16/05/2011 Investor Update - May 2011 (3.1mb)
13/05/2011 Change of Director`s Interest Notice X3 (48kb)
29/04/2011 Quarterly Activities Report (1.1mb)
20/04/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report (68kb)
02/03/2011 New Dual Campaign on Yuinmery (2mb)
25/02/2011 Half Year Accounts (1.8mb)
28/01/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report (52kb)
28/01/2011 Quarterly Activities Report (1.4mb)

2010 [view]

30/12/2010 Securities Trading Policy (32kb)
13/12/2010 Secures Potential A$7m Exploration JV for Troy Creek (132kb)
07/12/2010 Section 708 Notice (32kb)
07/12/2010 Appendix 3B (52kb)
30/11/2010 Share Placement to raise $1.88 m for Drilling Yuinmery (332kb)
30/11/2010 Section 708 Notice (32kb)
25/11/2010 Trading Halt (56kb)
25/11/2010 Appendix 3B (52kb)
22/11/2010 Results of Meeting (56kb)
22/11/2010 Ni-Cu - Platinoid Outcrop Discovery at Yuinmery Project (2.6mb)
11/11/2010 Response to ASX Price Query (60kb)
11/11/2010 Diamond Core Drilling Commences at Yuinmery (1.7mb)
29/10/2010 Quarterly Cashflow Report (40kb)
21/10/2010 Annual Report to shareholders (6.9mb)
21/10/2010 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (208kb)
20/10/2010 Investor Presentation (4.1mb)
18/10/2010 Quarterly Activities Report (2.6mb)
15/10/2010 Ceasing to be a substantial holder from AXM (84kb)
13/10/2010 Section 708 Notice (28kb)
13/10/2010 Appendix 3B (56kb)
11/10/2010 Share Placement to Raise $0.89 m for Yuinmery Drilling (88kb)
07/10/2010 Trading Halt (28kb)
06/10/2010 Yuinmery - High Copper Assays in First Pass Sampling (2.2mb)
24/09/2010 Full Year Statutory Accounts (516kb)
15/09/2010 Sale of Pennys Find Gold Project (148kb)

06/09/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice (20kb)
03/09/2010 Investor Update - September 2010 (2.8mb)
01/09/2010 GIR: Yuinmery JV update (484kb)
01/09/2010 Dominant position attained in emerging WA Cu Province (412kb)
28/07/2010 Quarterly Cashflow Report (40kb)
28/07/2010 Quarterly Activities Report (260kb)
08/07/2010 Change of Director`s Interest Notice x 3 (44kb)
08/07/2010 Appendix 3B (52kb)
08/07/2010 Additional uranium anomalies located at Yarlarweelor (244kb)
06/07/2010 Uranium assays from rock sampling at Yarlarweelor (1.7mb)
23/06/2010 Drilling Results at the Yarlarweelor Uranium Project (940kb)
25/05/2010 Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form (124kb)
13/05/2010 Section 708 Notice (32kb)
13/05/2010 Appendix 3B (52kb)
30/04/2010 Quarterly Cashflow Report (40kb)
30/04/2010 Quarterly Activities Report (984kb)
30/04/2010 Share Placement (36kb)
30/04/2010 Reinstatement to Official Quotation (12kb)
29/04/2010 Suspension from Official Quotation (24kb)
27/04/2010 Trading Halt (24kb)
01/04/2010 Becoming a substantial holder for FYI (364kb)
01/04/2010 Capital Raising Completed and Acquisition of Yarlarweelor (232kb)
29/03/2010 Commencement of Drill Campaign near Penny`s Find (36kb)
24/03/2010 FYI: Commencement of Yarlarweelor Drilling Program (160kb)
24/03/2010 Yarlarweelor Uranium Project - FYI Update re Drilling (184kb)
16/03/2010 Presentation by FYI - Yarlarweelor (2.6mb)
15/03/2010 Freedom Eye Update (28kb)
12/03/2010 Half Year Accounts (272kb)
22/02/2010 Sale of Uranium Project Progresses (96kb)
29/01/2010 FYI Capital raising extended to 12 Feb 10 (120kb)
20/01/2010 [FYI Progress] FYI Letter to its Shareholders (365kb)

2009 [view]

2008 [view]

2007 [view]

19/11/2007 Initial Yuinmery Assay Results (184kb)
30/10/2007 Appendix 3B End of Restriction (108kb)
29/10/2007 Quarterly Cashflow Report (32kb)
29/10/2007 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form (124kb)
23/10/2007 End of restriction period (32kb)
23/10/2007 Appendix 3B (108kb)
22/10/2007 Commences drilling at Yuinmery Project (272kb)
15/10/2007 2007 Annual Report (3.8mb)
15/10/2007 Shares released from escrow (32kb)
15/10/2007 Drilling commences at Torrens South Australia (4kb)
12/10/2007 Quarterly Activities Report (1.6mb)
03/10/2007 Results of RAB drilling at Penny's Find (140kb)
01/08/2007 Appendix 3B Release from Escrow (52kb)
25/07/2007 Appendix 3B (52kb)
25/07/2007 Shares released from escrow (32kb)
23/07/2007 Quarterly Activities Report (32kb)
09/07/2007 Research paper on company website (4kb)
09/07/2007 Quarterly Cashflow Report (32kb)
09/07/2007 Appendix 5B: Mining exploration entity quarterly report (32kb)
19/06/2007 Change of Director's Interest Notice x3 (84kb)
06/06/2007 Appendix 3B (116kb)
05/06/2007 Acquisition of Yarlarweelor Uranium Prospect (44kb)
31/05/2007 Larkin's Find Ni Project Resource Statement (56kb)
24/05/2007 Additional drill program at Pennys Find (52kb)
09/05/2007 High Grade Gold Intersection at Penny's Find (2.3mb)
08/05/2007 Appendix 3B: Escrow Release (116kb)
02/05/2007 Letter to Shareholders re Entitlements Offer (56kb)
02/05/2007 Entitlements Offer - Revised Timetable (20kb)
01/05/2007 Short Form Disclosure Document (928kb)
01/05/2007 Appendix 3B (124kb)
01/05/2007 Non-Renounceable Entitlements Issue (32kb)
01/05/2007 Change in Company Secretary (16kb)
27/04/2007 Third Quarter Cashflow Report (72kb)
27/04/2007 Radio Interview on Board Room Radio
27/03/2007 Change of Director's Interest Notice
22/03/2007 New Farmin and Joint Venture Agreement (40kb)
08/03/2007 Option to purchase 100% of Yarlarweelor Uranium Prospect (38kb)
27/02/2007 Penny's Find Drilling Results (87kb)
22/02/2007 Commencement of Drilling (77kb)
02/02/2007 Empire Makes strong ASX Debut (50kb)

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